How to choose an emollient?

Reading time: 3 min

"Atopic person's skin should not be dry even for a minute!" — all adult patients and parents of children suffering from atopic dermatitis know that. Therefore, the skin needs to have special moisturizing and softening cosmetics – emollients – applied very often. But pharmacies sell a whole lot of creams, lotions, and gels that promise to moisturize the skin. How and what to choose?

In fact, not every moisturizer is an emollient. A real emollient should contain ... emollients, which are special ingredients that restore the protective function of the skin. Such components are used for atopic skin. And the cosmetic product shall be clinically tested to confirm its safety and effectiveness for atopic patients. So we are looking for a product that is labeled "For atopic skin".

No matter how hypoallergenic the composition is, an individual reaction to its components is always possible. Therefore, we do not rush to apply an emollient immediately from head to toe. First apply a small amount on the skin of the wrist, ensuring the skin is free from inflammation or irritation. If everything is all right after 15-30 minutes, you can use this emollient for the rest of your body.

And remember – it all depends on your preferences: rich or lightweight cream, light gel or dense cold cream, - choose what you like, taking into account financial possibilities: after all, you will have to use it often and for a long time.

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