Understanding Wet Wrap Therapy for Itching in Atopic Dermatitis

Reading time: 3 min

Wet Wrap Therapy is a potent method designed to enhance the skin's condition in individuals suffering from skin diseases that manifest with itching. This therapy offers relief by calming itchy skin, moisturizing it, and guarding against nighttime scratching.

Procedure for Wet Wrap Therapy:

  1. Begin by soaking bandages or cotton fabric in warm water.
  2. Thoroughly wring out the bandages to ensure no dripping.
  3. Apply these wet bandages to the itchy skin areas.
  4. Overlay these with a layer of dry cloth for protection.
  5. Depending on the duration of treatment, adorn either sleeping pajamas (for an overnight application) or regular home attire (for daytime sessions lasting several hours).
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